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Well Done, sounds like a great success.

Out of interest what were the key performance indicators based on? An emergency appeal of the same kind or similar or a standard appeal performance as at same time last year? It would be good to know what your starting point was.



Thanks for your kind words Amanda. Unfortunately everything else about the campaign is subject to client confidentiality. We are really sorry, but hopefully you'll understand why we can't provide any further information at this point.

We'll definitely look into getting clearance to provide a more detailed review in the future where we would hope to include answers to your questions. We'll keep you posted.


I don't want the stats or the details - just you are saying you beat KPIs and I wondered if they were based on like with like i.e. the same kind of appeal or whether you factored in the fact that this was a recession emergency appeal in the first place and therefore you would expect an increase in response.

I ofcourse understand the client confidentiality thing so totally understand that you can't divulge the detail.

many thanks for your quick response.


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